Saturday, October 13, 2012

I had two rather odd dreams the other night, and I invite anyone to give me an interpretation.  They both deal with death, though no one in my immediate circle is contemplating it.


In the first dream, I was being executed for murder.  This was odd since I am not the type.  It was, of course, a murder that I hadn’t committed, but I had been duly tried and sentenced, and there I was strapped to a table while the authorities were shooting voltage through me.  The problem was that I didn’t die, and they kept on trying, and I kept asking if there wasn’t a point at which they accepted that I wasn’t meant to die and let me go.


Then I woke up and didn’t dare go back to sleep.  But I did anyway and dreamt that I was now in business school.  This was as unlikely a venue for me as the execution chamber, but there I was, and my assignment was to write a letter to a customer.  The letter I wrote was as follows:


Dear Mr. Twitchell.  Thank you for your continuing loyalty to Deep Water Cruise Lines.  Let me assure you that repairs to the railing have been made, and accidents like the unfortunate loss of Mrs. Twitchell off Key West are not likely to reoccur.  Best wishes to you and the new Mrs. Twitchell, and we look forward to hosting you again in February.


As I said, I welcome any and all interpretations.


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  1. Hello. I don't actually have a comment about the blog. I was on your web page and the contact me section doesn't have any information. I just finished your book Mother and Me. I am looking for the Book your Mom wrote and can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions? Is it out of print?